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Lien & Learn: Introductory GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

is designed for newbies and experienced investors who want to know more about tax liens, the tax lien process, and how to effectively invest in real estate. Register now to learn the 3 secrets you must know to jumpstart your tax lien investing journey. 

What our students have to say about the Bootcamp

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Maurice Hodges

Chief Training Officer, 

GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

He is originally from Jacksonville, Florida and has called Atlanta home for over 25 years. He has 20 years of experience in Marketing and Training with various Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time, he loves hiking with his wife at the Glacier National Park and holds a record as 2009, 2010 Mr Olympia. He has been mentored, trained and hand-picked by Chantelle Owens to train on this exciting and life-changing topic. Moe has been a Tax Lien Strategist since 2018.

Dee Pope

Chief Operations Officer, 

GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

She is a native of Chicago, Illinois until she moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. She retired as a Major from the military in 2015 after serving for 26 years. She started learning how to invest in real estate by attending several different real estate educational programs.  Over the past several years, she learned how to fix & flip, buy & hold, and wholesale properties. In 2018, she found her passion and her niche with investing in tax liens which helped her acquire several tax deeds. Dee has been a Tax Lien Strategist since 2018.

Chantelle Owens

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 

GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

She is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and she moved to her home in Atlanta, Georgia 25 years ago. She started investing in real estate in 1998 part-time and by 2001 she was a full-time real estate investor. In 2009, Chantelle found her passion for tax lien investing and has made this her primary niche. She has completed over 1000+ tax lien transactions and created a healthy net worth via tax liens coupled with buy and hold strategies. Chantelle has been a Tax Lien Strategist since 2001. 

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